Our Divisions

Food and Allied

The Food & Allied Division distributes a wide range of brand name food & household items to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafes, hardware stores, and nightclubs in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean. We represent leading brands from North, Europe, India and the Far East. We have been distributing some of the world’s most beloved and delicious brands such as Mars and Tunnocks for over 60 years!

L.J. Williams prides itself on its longevity and loyalty regarding our business relations with suppliers. We sell high unit volumes of our quality and niche products. Our Team is highly motivated and passionate about their work and aims to serve customers to the high standard and quality that they deserve.

LJW goes to market via two Distribution Channels, Up The Trade (UTT) and Down the Trade (DTT).

Food & Allied

  • UTT: 3 Sales Reps are responsible for the Pre-Sales of Dry Goods to our 80 Key Account customers and are supported by 16 Merchandisers. 


  • UTT: 3 Sales Reps do direct to store sales and merchandising of Confectionary products. These routes are covered on a weekly basis to the Key Account stores.
  • DTT distribution consists of confectionary and key food products. There are 8 downtrade van sales that cover the route in a fortnight. Products are distributed to Mini Marts, Mom-and-Pop stores, Variety Stores, and other independent stores.

We are exclusive distributors for:

Divisional Manager- Food & Allied Division
Barry S. Gill
Tele: 1-(868) 674-1500 Ext (1121)
Fax: 1-(868) 674-7124

General Manager Confectionery
Aimes Babb
Tele: 1-(868) 674-1500 Ext (1125)
Fax:  1-(868) 674-7124